Eastern Europe

-          Genealogical Tourism

If you are looking to trace your origins in Ukraine or visit the place where are your roots from, place of your ancestors in Ukraine, our agency will be happy in the organization of this trip.


-          Culinary Tourism

Ever wanted to know how to make the real Ukrainian dishes? Join our culinary tours and you’ll have a chance to visit locals’ homes, put on aprons side by side with real Ukrainian grandmas and dig into the years-old recipes of Ukrainian food. You will be able to explore local food markets, cook together with your hosts, and pick up your own ingredients on a lovely hike in the mountains or by the black see.


-          Wedding Tours

Ukrainian wedding traditions have a long history. Unfortunately, at the moment, fewer and fewer of the ancient wedding customs and traditions observed in contemporary Ukrainian wedding. However, the most interesting traditions remained. We describe the modern Ukrainian wedding. So, the wedding ceremony begins 30-40 days before the wedding. The groom, his parents and friends should ask the bride's parents for her hand. The groom's parents come with Ukrainian loaf (homemade, round, very beautifully decorated bread). The loaf is placed on the embroidered towel, made by the groom's mother, and put salt on top of the bread.


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