An eternal magnet for explorers and researchers alike, Antarctica’s environmental and physical challenges have never been enough to stop expedition after expedition from attempting polar crossings, and it certainly hasn’t stopped scientists queuing up to spend a year or more at a remote research station.

 But modern Antarctica is no longer just the territory of the brave and the bold: this is now a continent within reach of any adventure traveler. Although Antarctica is still one of the most uncharted places on earth, you can contact our travel advisors regarding Antarctic voyage and be one of the lucky few to set foot on this breathtakingly beautiful continent.

From the fascinating archipelago of Tierra del Fuego in Argentina to the Antarctic Peninsula, Shetland Islands and beyond, you'll be totally mesmerized by unique wildlife, majestic icebergs and superb scenery. Sightings of large penguin colonies, magnificent whales, and breathtaking icebergs and glaciers will make each day more incredible than the last.

 This might be an extreme way of travel, but we have no borders of our client’ wish!