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Our company is the English, French, Russian and Ukrainian speaking tour company based in Kyiv, Ukraine providing travel advice for Ukraine, custom local area tours and Ukrainian genealogy tours and research, trips around Ukraine, transportation by private car within Ukraine, train station transfers, and booking accommodation. We have been operating since 2010 catering to travelers who come to Kyiv from all over the world. We are a small business with a personal service sometimes lacking with a larger company. Please contact us for quotes, reservations or more information.

We speak English, Ukrainian and French and always reply to your queries.
We have available our own transportation.
Our personalized approach allows changing the itinerary as we go.
We book Kyiv and all around Ukraine accommodation and help with tickets.
Our services are priced competitively.

Kyiv is one of the most beautiful cities in the world that spreads on the Dnipro river hills. As other old cities Kyiv has no exact date of foundation. According to the legend Kyiv was founded 1500 years ago by 3 brothers, Kyi, Schek,Horyv and their sister Lybid. In IX century Kyiv became capital of Ancient Rus. Kyiv is often referred as a “mother of all cities” by Russians and Ukrainians and as a cradle of Slavonic civilizations.

Since than, Kyiv has developed into an important center of business life and development.

Kyiv,located only an hour’s drive from the European Union’s border, is now easily accessible to tourists by air, rail and bus. Due to the lifting of the visa requirement for Western tourists and opening of the low-cost airline flights, Kyiv has become the must see destination for travelers to Eastern Europe.

Assistance on your visit to Ukraine

If you search for your lost roots in Ukraine or plan to visit a village or town of your predecessors in Ukraine as part of your genealogical research, Creation agency can help you organize your trip by booking hotels, providing transportation and the knowledgeable English, Ukrainian speaking interpreter/driver who can assist in finding your possible relatives and act as an interpreter in communicating with the local people, archives and government in the area who may have knowledge or records of your relatives. Transportation and services of the interpreter/driver are included in the price.

Preliminary Genealogical Research

If you are looking for information and images of your ancestral town or village in Ukraine prior to your visit to the area, trying to find long-lost relations who have been separated through immigration, wars or deportations, or if you aim to trace your roots without leaving your home country, please consider the following:

1. Simply let us know the name of the community where your ancestors lived and their names, and we will try to establish if any of your long-lost relatives might still be there.
2. We will also send you town pictures and pictures of tombstones with family names if they exist. Images are sent to the client via e-mail.

3. We may also help by providing some town/village history.
4. If your potential relatives still live there we will provide their address, telephone number and other contact information, if available.
5. We will provide you with a digital image of a contemporary detailed map of the town/village area of your interest.